Colorado is the only home I have known. I believe in a safe Colorado in which our families, children, parents, and friends are free from fear on our streets, in our schools, our places of worship, our workplaces, and in our neighborhoods. Fighting crime is no place for on-the-job learning. When it comes to matters of public safety, there is no substitute for experience.

As District Attorney for nearly one million people, more than 1 in 6 Coloradans, I have led our office’s efforts to make our community safer by:

  • Creating a Human Trafficking Unit comprised of an expert senior prosecutor, a specialized victim advocate, and recruiting and hiring the best HT investigator west of the Mississippi. This unit’s efforts have resulted in numerous Traffickers sent to prison, including the longest human trafficking sentence in American history.
  • Standing up a Domestic Violence Unit to tackle some of our most challenging and impactful violent crimes.
  • Expanding our Special Victims Unit to include adult Sex Assault (rape) cases, to provide more expertise to these important and challenging felonies and hold rapists accountable for their heinous crimes.
  • Creating an Elder Abuse Unit to specifically target those unscrupulous crooks and uncaring abusers who seek to exploit our most vulnerable and most trusting neighbors and loved ones.
  • Leading the creation of a Cold Case Unit to ensure that justice is served upon those who commit murder. The Cold Case Unit has convicted 7 murderers who otherwise were walking free on our streets.
  • Establishing a Drug/Narcotics Unit to aggressively tackle the illegal marijuana black market and growing opioid epidemic.
  • Vigorously enforcing all of our laws, including pursuing the death penalty in appropriate cases, such as mass murderers.
  • Personally handling the most important and challenging cases in our jurisdiction.

As Attorney General, I will continue to lead the effort to:

  • Eradicate the scourge of Human Trafficking and its exploitation of Colorado’s boys and girls by aggressively targeting and prosecuting those who profit from it.
  • Wipe out the illegal black-market marijuana that is growing and threatening the legal and voter approved marijuana industry in our state.
  • Halt the opioid epidemic, which has captured and killed so many in our state. We cannot sue our way out of this problem. We cannot arrest our way out of this problem. The long-term solution requires leadership of a multi-faceted approach, including law enforcement, health care practitioners, and our community.
  • Support all of Colorado by giving our rural communities the resources they need to pursue justice in violent crime and death penalty cases,
  • Champion victims’ rights under our Constitution and defend their dignity through our demanding criminal justice system.


Likewise, everyone in Colorado deserves to be protected from fraud, so one of my most important roles as Attorney General will be to act as the lawyer for all of Colorado: businesses large and small, as well as, employees and consumers must have faith that their Attorney General will be a fair and impartial arbiter on their behalf.

As Attorney General, I will fight to:

  • Protect consumers and Colorado businesses from fraud and the unscrupulous conduct of those who let greed overtake doing the right thing.
  • Safeguard seniors and those who are at-risk from predators who exploit and take advantage of them.
  • Lead a statewide effort to pursue and hold accountable those who profit from labor trafficking.
  • Foster a growing, competitive, and innovative business environment through the consistent and predictable enforcement of regulations to encourage compliance with the law, not raising revenue on the backs of small businesses.
  • Catch and stop those who seek to cheat the system and deprive us of our limited taxpayer resources through Medicaid and Food Stamp fraud and those who violate our anti-trust protections.
  • Our growing natural resource industry and burgeoning, legal marijuana industry need easy to understand rules and regulations about how to operate in our state, from banking to environmental regulations. Our goal should be compliance, not fees and fiscal punishment that act like additional taxes on Colorado businesses.


I believe that Colorado is best governed by Coloradans (us) in state and local government, not government appointees and bureaucrats 1500 miles from here, regardless of who is in the Oval Office.

As Colorado’s Attorney General, I will:

  • Stand up to Federal government overreach everywhere it appears, including Colorado’s voter approved marijuana legalization.
  • Resist the heavy hand of a Federal government that too often tells us how we should govern ourselves, educate our children, and protect our beautiful state.
  • Refuse to follow the sea-level states like California, New York, and Massachusetts in their ongoing hyper-liberal pursuit of legislation through litigation. I will not accomplish by lawsuit that which the legislature refuses to enact.
  • Defend our water from the perpetually and increasingly thirsty downhill states who want to renegotiate our water compact law to Colorado’s detriment. Not on my watch.
  • Encourage the Federal government to return more autonomy and authority to allow us to govern ourselves in Colorado.


I believe there are three things we can do with our laws. We can:

  • follow and enforce them,
  • amend them to something we like better, or
  • repeal them

We cannot ignore them or pretend they do not exist. As Attorney General, I will refuse to legislate through litigation and resist turning to the courts to judicially mandate an outcome that fails to achieve approval through our state legislature or Congress.